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Human - Product Reviews

Review which is the most common term used after Information technology evolves because when we decided for a movie, the first step before ticket booking we see the review/rating in social Medias and then progress to book tickets.This even applies to 90% purchase on eCommerce sites. This whole article covers the topic how the HUMAN has been the review in INDIAN society from Birth to Death.

When we think of this, do we miss reviewing a HUMAN? Of course, the answer will be NO. This Human has been reviewed every day and every stage. How?

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Birth gives more happiness to everyone. After completing the birth celebration, next topics started with reviewing baby's appearance such as hand, nose, hair, color, sex etc. This review occurs then and there until baby starts shouting that he/she has been reviewed like a product.

Schooling, Now the baby has promoted to review (+) with comparison with another one. Maybe with a sibling or with a friend.Review and comparison components like the level of knowledge, responding to an action, the way he/she talks and respecting others.

In teenage, this age is uncontrolled by anyone.Every opinion will be considered and will be ignored depends on the mind of acknowledgment.

He/she get more input from other and even by their own using social media on every topic.Expressing their interest to parents will be reviewed and compared. Because still in INDIA decision makers are parents for their future but in that few are exceptional. Never to mention, parents will not forget to review their boy/girl with next door friends. Keep the comparison table updated every then and there.

Every teenager will have set of people as a group, whose thoughts and actions are acknowledged by each other and there will another set who will be considered to ignore those actions. Now, between these two groups, review and comparison are continues to happen until next level of maturity obtained.

After schooling (college) the maturity has been grown, the review happens for the jobs he/she gonna to select (such as IT, Sales Rep, Mech Engineer), the way he/she has been showcased to public (salary, car, bike etc), the way of decision-making, dressing up even the perfumes are reviewed. These kinds of review and comparison happen mostly in working places, between the nearby families.

At next stage of being family man/women, Relationships are most considered, everyone will try to showcase the best fit to other thought. And will try to prove his/her genuineness to others. Instead of living for ourselves most of the time we live for someone and that will turn into the actions of review and comparison.

Most of the people thinking "what others think about me", due to that he/she will hide their own interest and will sacrifices it for others. Reason - just to make others happy! but to keep in mind, sacrifices are forgotten soon and same will be taken for review and it will be insulted.

By any chance, if any of decision making went wrong which has the direct impact to present life, he/she will be reviewed from his/her school stage to present stage.

The last stage of holding tag "HUMAN", The review and comparison happen from others to us. Very matured stage(old-age) of life where we give up everything and listen to it from others.
Here, we even provide reviews but not much, mostly positive review; because understanding the impact of the negative review. We will short it.

Final word on review 

Every stage of Human's life has been reviewed and compared! 

If a product has been reviewed, we deiced to accept or ignore!. But in our life, we have reviewed by others and very rarely by ourselves. It's always good to have reviewed by ourselves at every stage of life and ready to acknowledge negative and change it to positive. It can't 100% but should at keep trying best to change it. 

The Review, just can't avoidable.

Expect reader's comment. Thank You.

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