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"Parenting is an Art. But most of the parents are not good artist"

More kids are addicted to electronic products(Smartphone,tab,you tube rhymes) and they didn't even care about parents when they even near to them.Its due to importance given by parents is less then a smartphone.Its parent mistake where they didn't have good connect with parents due their busy life.But Kids expect parent to be nearby them when if that expectation fails, it turns into ignorance.If parents start giving more importance to kids they will be boosted with high energy and will be more active.

Simple things, like spending time with kids after their school - ask few question of how was the day and talk, how the food was today,what you like for tomorrow and about their friends.These topic will give more energy to talk more and easy to connect with parents.

Encourage Words

Keep them up by words like superb, awesome, good, very nice for every action they do. In few days, they will request acknowledgement for their work and even they will insist to say “tell me superb” dad/mom. Yes, you have to do it. The affection between parents and kids get increased rapidly.

For few there will be a questions like 

What to talk with kids!? Why should we talk!? Will they be interested!?
Yes, they will be interested and also they will be love to talk with parents most importantly you have talk about the topic what they love and not you are interested. Most perfect time will be while they play; you have to raise your eyebrow and tell them that you’re doing is awesome with this doll, brick, car etc. Ask them to teach you - how you do this baby, by this way parent get closer with them and try to understand what they need as food to intake, what they like about you and get more about them. Parenting starts from here.

Next is to play with them, take them for a walk, teach them sign words of dogs, cats, crow etc. They will be most interest to do so. Make them tired to get good sleep at right time. If they keep avoid food at home. Prepare food at home and take them away like beach, park and allow them to play for few minutes. Now, you can ask them to have food. Most important as a parent need more relaxed mind and soul to deal with kids!.

Things to avoid with them:

Stop making a comparison between the kids and never talk bad feel sentence to them. There is no meaning, yelling at them they are just kids and not started to think and act at their own. Don’t do few things when they are near to you or while they watch at you (like Smoking, Sex, Bad words etc).
We can see some parent use curse and vulgar words at them and in course of time it return to them from same child which mean every parent should be careful while they talk and they behave in front of them.

Completing this Article


Parents are their mentor not only a feedback provider for they do. We behave and they learn from us. Play with them and spend more time with them and appreciate every action they does but need to have control on their actions. If someone need to be correct of course it should be.
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