Sunday, August 13, 2017

Technologies and their impacts within us

Technology effects into Humans

The smartness of every individual has been increased. From kid, who started to using smart phones are biggest proof of it. When we switch towards Internet and entertainments our generation follows us. Indeed.

Here in this article, we are not going to talk about effect of InfraRed or electromagnetic radiation of using electronic products like Smart phones etc.,

Memory Power of Human:

We have seen fellow of 1980’s and 90's, keeping up their friends and family mobile number in fingertip and very few have phone book at their pocket to check the number. This has changed and now, even a 5-10 number keeping ready in mind is very difficult because that a start point of laziness and it’s called as Smart way too. Of course yes, its smart way but our mind start to apply this smartness where every possible and thus we became more lazy enough. How many of us knew our nearby or close friends or MOM or DAD Birth date ready now (very less are exceptional cases). The Power of Brain getting reduces and depends on the machine or a medium has been increased widely.
It didn’t mean that after evolves of such products, we are lazy?


We the people, fighting to get higher GB of RAM memory and higher Process speed to keep our machine speedy and doesn’t waste our time while sitting/using the machine. This has made us lazy further more. How?  Explaining!

While we sit with our machine which has been configured with higher speed. (includes RAM + Processor) For a instance, if the internet page take time to load or click on a folder takes time(5-10sec) to open - we get irritated. Same feeling applied in cooking or writing or walking or remote control handling or our smart TV loading page. If something doesn’t work well as we expected we get angrier and shout loud meaning we want fast(ready with) in everything. This is something we have lost our politeness and act of controlling us.

Avoid Talking with each other?

This heading has been widely discussed and we can see that many more kids are being impact of this. I have practically examined a group of 5-10 kids below 10years in a house. They didn’t play with each other in fact they are fighting with parents to get their smartphones to watch (cartoon or Rhymes)videos of  in YouTube.  If this trend continues to grow like this even one day love between the parents and children will be unnoticed. For that reason parent should be worried and take necessary steps to control them to avoid products.
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