Friday, October 20, 2017

Meet free therapist online 7cups

Time to step out of the traditional way of meeting a Psychotherapy(Counseling Service) by booking an appointment and meeting for counseling. Many will be regret to meet psychotherapy because they feel like its insult. 

But every human is an emotional weeker so at some time we may require a general counseling to keep yourself on track, but few have self-controlling ability like going outside to breathe a 
fresh air to get down their stress, Listening music, watching comedy shows, looking at a selective photographs like to relax their stress etc. 

"Friend in need is a Friend indeed" why because our friend will listen to us in any situation. 

Listing to someone is very difficult but those really care about us will listen. To acknowledge your loved one, first, we have to listen to them until they complete that's the biggest acknowledge for someone who is expecting listener. 

Many are in a situation like meeting a counseling center to be mentally stronger, in such situation this 7 Cups will help them digitally. 


7cups  or  secondary link

This website provides free support to the people who are experiencing emotional stress, work stress, family issues and handles also other disorders by connecting them with trained listeners/therapist.The listener, trained in active listening, interacts with the person seeking help via an anonymous and confidential chat.We can decide the way we need support(Video or Text).7Cups have also be offered with free service and then if we are interested then we can proceed to pay and get it continue as long as we wish. 

7cups Advantages: 

  • when you want to talk with someone or need extra emotional support to relax you. 
  • Unlike expensive therapies, 7 Cups of Tea is Free, anonymous, confidential & convenient. Anyone can connect as little or as often as they like. 
  • They will listen to you, I repeat "they will Listen" and will not pressure to follow the rules and provide you a support. 
  • We have a freedom to select what type of Listener/Therapist like filtering by age, topic, language & gender. 
  • Therapists offer their services that are convenient and affordable to us. You can select a therapist that best suits your need and chat with them one-on-one in a confidential setting. 
  • We have another option like talking with a stranger(who is unknown) who has a history similar challenges. 

Lastly, Not limiting you if you wanna be a listener and only if you're a good listener. You can join the team and help as much you can. 

Share this information as much you can, it can help someone and save the life. 
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