Saturday, October 21, 2017

Temporary Email

10minutes Emails

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By its name was driven, it exists until you close the browser and then email id will be deleted and no longer will be used. 

Why a need for temporary email? 

Email id is one of the main sources for digital marketing. Due to a demand increase in digital marketing, every page on Internet will ask you an email id to subscribe so that we get a particular offer/letter they send us. Also, some of Andriod games, Applications will require the email id to complete the installation. 
what wrong in sharing real email id? 

with the real one(email id), possible of spam/Junk emails to fill up our email storage( mostly don't mind it) but cleaning those is really time-consuming/waste. Some time with the email there could be a chance of spreading the virus by opening an attachment. To avoid these mentioned fact few of them will have secondary email id to share only for this purpose. 
This particular website will help for those who don't have secondary email or those who hate spam/junk emails can take advantage.Share the email id without any worries as this will be temporary exists. 

Thanks for reading. Share this information.

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