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Android Apps - A Must Install

We are going to list you few of the apps that every Andriod phone should have installed or must give a try before you make a conclusion on it. No wasting time. 

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Quickly into the list:

AppLock-Lock WhatsApp, Facebook, Message, Gallery 

Every Andriod user needs a privacy, with or without our knowledge phone taken over by others and a chance of viewing our private pics or message or anything (probably a private Video).To control that we must have an application like this. Many of us say, Phone lock is in place but there is a difference between phone lock and Application lock.

Phone Lock - If the phone was unlocked, we have granted permission to view all our documents inside the phone. If we decided to our friends to view our phone but not our applications(private) then AppLock must be installed.

AppLock - Even though phone lock was unlocked, Applock help to keep protect our applications like what apps, Facebook, and any other applications from others. we can decide who to view our private documents.


In simple words, it's just like other Social Network site like Facebook, Google + but this is private to college or an organization.

Use of this application is to share information about college activities such as cultural or a classroom gallatas or a professor absent etc.. such information posted as status and that will be used by a group of that college students.

Selfie Luck - Win Prizes

Playing Steps:

  • Install by click on above link and open it, the next step is to register with a valid email id.(for a temp email click here)
  • Open the app, choose the contest you wish to participate
  • Upload your selfies in the contest (Note: Not more than one selfie can be posted for each campaign.
  • Choose your selfie from gallery or click a fresh one directly from the app’s camera

The user can also send out invites to their family and friends to earn tickets. Also, Selfie Luck aids the user with recharge facilities.

Pocket Sense

This application help to protect our phone from pickpockets or mobile thieves. We sometimes concentrate on work that gives a chance to a thief take advantage. Install the Pocket Sense app and enable the Pocket Sense mode. Below are the features of this phone.

Features :
  1. Pocket Sense Mode - someone takes the mobile out of your pockets. 
  2. Charge Sense Mode - someone disconnects your mobile from charging.
  3. Motion Sense Mode - someone accesses the mobile from where you placed it.
You can delay the alarm for few seconds to stop getting triggered instantly.Adjust sensitivity of the sensors.

Find My Device

As name give an explanation about it. So we move it features or use of it.

Y has lost her mobile anywhere in the world (data and location must be enabled)

Do the following to trace your mobile:

  • Find your device and see the exact location of your device
  • erase your data remotely
  • change your mobile password and
  • make a loud ring even if it's on silent
you must install this device manager on your secondary phone and in that app you must log in with your lost phones email id and finally you can you that features listed above

SpinMe Alarm Clock

This application is that who can't wake up in the morning, and habit of setting multiple alarms in case they miss one. This clever app works in such a way that it makes sure you don’t go back to sleep, as the name given for this app we have spin it to stop the alarm.


For those who hate mathematics, this app is your lifesaver, it solves math problems and shows step by step solution, and this will help you understand how the math was done.

Simply point your camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step instructions.


∙ Camera calculator
∙ Handwriting recognition (NEW)
∙ Step-by-step instructions
∙ Smart calculator
∙ Graphs (NEW)

That's it for now. Please give a try on these applications and let us know your feedback.
Comment, please.
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