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Android Apps - Online Earning Methods

Google play store had formally named it as Andriod Market in Oct-2008.Its the major mobile user's marketplace to download an android application from 2009 to September-2017 over 3.3million apps are available in google play store(Andriod Market).These many apps are available even after housekeeping action taken by Google.(source)

Different types of monetization available in the digital platform. Google has made innovation of Andriod for Mobiles in that created Applications which gave more entertainment to users.
As per the statista report, the number of apps download will keep increasing in 2021 to 352.9 billion.These applications are free because of that reason it is now the biggest platform where every user takes advantage to try and if not satisfied then simply uninstalling the apps.

As said, free platform to download android applications usage get increased and that lead to more ad revenue for Google from that android application developer earn by a percentage of it.Let see different types of earning techniques Google has provided for android developers.

Now we will the types Earning from Andriod Apps

 Purchase(paid) Apps

 These types of Apps will not have the free version and it is paid version - meaning you have to pay and use. These type of applications are download from the store only 6% (statista) but its much viable method of making money as no need to worry about any feature unlock and future support. This type of application can be identified as above in apps store.

Free Andriod Apps(Ad revenue)

As its name, its completely free android apps depend on ads revenue. Every user will be given full freedom to download the apps and use the feature of it but you have to watch their Ads they display.
A survey quoted 49% (source: AppBoy) of the application was having ads. There are different types of ads formats available in digital platform such banner ad, text ad, video ad and incentivized ad (kind of referral download)
These type of apps can be identified as below

Free and in-app Purchase

kind of benefits to the user and also application owner.

  •  Applications will be free to download and will be allowed to use minimum features of the application and to use full version either we have to buy it or you will be forced to buy some credits to use the features or points. mostly you see in gaming applications.

  • Next in-app purchase method - free download but some of its features will be locked and if you need to unlock then watch videos/ads as and when you required points or credits to unlock. Per Video ads you will be credits with some points and view many ads earn much points to unlock the feature. Another trick to earn money in gaming application

  •    Subscription base:

These type of application is the same kind with different technique as a minimum feature will be allowed to downloading user and will ask the user to subscribe them by paying for a period of time(1year) to enjoy the service. kind of newspaper/magazine apps.

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